The problem

Shopping for individual health insurance in America is one of the most complicated and least user-friendly online processes today. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois asked us to develop new tools to simplify the current experience and delight prospective customers.


The process

Following an IDEO-style collaborative workshop methodology, our team initially gathered insights about BCBSIL's target market segmentation and facilitated full-day brainstorming sessions with clients and creative consumers to define the problem space and prioritize user goals.

In a second workshop shortly thereafter, dubbed an "ideation session," we brainstormed solutions by diverging to concept as many ideas as possible, then converging to agree on the best ideas.

A third workshop resulted in journey flows and paper prototypes of full-fled online products. I led and facilitated small groups in each of these product development workshops.

Following the workshopping phase of the project lifecycle, I crafted wireframes and clickable prototypes from the paper prototype results of our sessions.

I planned and conducted usability tests with these low-fidelity prototypes to further refine solution priorities.


The solution

After sketching countless ideas and usability testing four prototype applications, we developed Shop by Price to allow users to search for individual health insurance on a budget.

It all starts with the user inputting a price point and small amount of information about herself. In the second step, all the plans in the user's price point are displayed. The user may change the minimum or maximum price point using a slide that dynamically updates available plans.

Different insurance configuration options and flows I visualized as an aside are also included here.

A screenshot of the live site based off my wireframes is also included here to demonstrate the final results of the team effort.