At Etherios, I developed a strategy to redesign the Device Cloud, an enterprise Internet-of-Things platform for connected devices. The strategy was grounded in personas and usage scenarios I developed from primary research I conducted with customers and stakeholders.

As part of the redesign, I developed a cohesive information architecture, where in the past features were added over time and placed wherever was easiest, creating a navigation that was anything but intuitive.

I was also an advocate for mobile-first design, an agile design and development process, and data-driven design utilizing tools like Mixpanel.

In my role as Product Owner, I not only developed the strategy, user flows, and wireframes, but I also designed high-fidelity mockups included here and wrote user stories for the agile UI development team. I collaborated closely with developers, marketers, and others to make design decisions, answer questions, and collect and share usage metrics feedback.

This is a screenshot of the old Device Cloud platform UI

This is a mockup I designed for the new UI. Much simpler, no?