The problem

IBM turned 100 in 2011 and as part of its centennial celebration, wanted to give back to the community by initiating a pledge drive for service. The target audience were IBMers, retired IBMers and their friends and family.

Part of our challenge was that these audiences interact with IBM through different channels. IBMers already initiated and participated in volunteer projects through the intranet, but outsiders did not have access.

Special attention was also paid to social interactions to aid marketability of the initiative.


The solution

We designed a brand-new site for IBM's centennial,, that would host all public content and would seamlessly link IBMers to the intranet for additional functionality.

As part of this solution, I designed a public campaign call to action with separate flows for different audiences.

I documented a content matrix for the new site, with content types, file locations, and social functionality documentation.

I also designed wireframes for the Celebration of Service landing page and steps in the pledge process.


Visual designs based off my wireframes are also included here to demonstrate the final results of the team effort.